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How COVID-19 redefined the critical sectors of economies

INTRODUCTION The COVID-19 pandemic has changed societies’ functioning in an unprecedented way. Nearly all industries were forced to adjust to the new reality in order to meet imposed safety measures and match customers’ needs. Businesses and governments have seen their reliance on technology grow in every aspect of their activities. The crisis is particularly challenging […]


For the first time in history, the Secretary General of NATO Jens Stoltenberg has selected the members of the recently created Advisory Group on Emerging & Disruptive Technologies. We extend our congratulations to Izabela Albrycht and the remaining 11 experts on being selected for the Group. Their job will be to provide insights, expertise and […]

Cybersecurity in the digital supply chain – decoupling accelerated by COVID-19

Introduction  International affairs are affected by the technological change to the extent which is hard to grasp and fully understand. Emerging  digital technologies such as 5G or artificial intelligence have exacerbated the global struggle for power and domination. The complexities in the digital supply chain and the challenges regarding the decoupling might be called modern technological Gordian knots. Cutting them requires bold moves and decisions bringing at […]

#CSGlobal20 in unprecedented time

We live through the high-speed social and economic change. The connections we establish today are faster, more globalized and more interconnected than ever before. Our obsession with high-speed has driven the astonishingly fast development of all sorts of technological tools which are indispensable to the health of our economies and our societies, but unfortunately progress […]

Big Data = Big Challenges? Countering adversity in the data-driven economy

INTRODUCTION The tensions and trade-offs related to data, the most valuable resource in the digital economy, are huge. The exponential growth of data is driving the interest in using it in marketing strategies and as amplifiers to spread the political and ideological messages. The exploitation of big data causes concerns about privacy, compliance, liability, information security […]


The COVID-19 pandemic has recently changed the way we live, work, interact and engage. The emergency lockdown across Europe marks a critical moment in which the digital infrastructure of our civilisation is being put to the hardest stress-test yet, and cybersecurity becomes more important than ever before. In this exceptional moment, it is even more crucial for us […]

Towards a global surveillance society? The race between authoritarian and democratic practices of digital governance

INTRODUCTION For the better part of the last few decades, the Internet was idealised as a global open network which is free, interoperable, secure and resilient. Although these might have been the intentions once it was designed, all current emerging technologies, with the new opportunities they provide, also bring an array of challenges for human […]

CYBERSEC Young Leaders

3rd edition of CYBERSEC Young Leaders LOOKING INTO THE CYBERFUTURE THROUGH THE EYES OF YOUNG LEADERS ABOUT CYBERSEC YOUNG LEADERS Launched in 2018 by the Kosciuszko institute, the CYBERSEC Young Leaders initiative invites MA and PhD students to take part in a CALL FOR PAPERS addressing and analysing challenges in cyberspace within the domains of international […]