Nowadays, in the times of the COVID-19 pandemic, the need to discuss the accelerating digital transformation is more valid than ever before. In the new world, the digital dimension is critically significant in terms of business continuity and the functioning of the state. With this in mind, we decided to enrich the road to CYBERSEC Forum 2020 with a series of consultations with Members of the CYBERSEC Programme Committee in order to discuss selected topics that will eventually become part of the CYBERSEC 2020 agenda.

CYBERSEC 2020 is planned for autumn as a virtual event with the theme Together Against Adversarial Internet. Going online means that CYBERSEC will become more global as there are now no limits to how we can reach out to the cybersecurity community from like-minded countries. Along with the goal of preparing the excellent agenda, our main aim is to also constantly monitor dynamic changes in the cybersecurity landscape. We are convinced that it can only be done with our partners’ support and we hope that you will be able to contribute to the work of CYBERSEC TASK FORCE in the Road to CYBERSEC 2020 meetings series.

The series will be divided into 4 streams: State, Business, Future and Defence. We plan to hold two meetings per month from May to September1.

Schedule of the ROAD TO CYBERSEC 2020 webinars series:2

date subject of meeting
14 May Towards a global surveillance society? The race between authoritarian and democratic practices of digital governance
28 May Big data = big challenges? Countering adversity in the
data-driven economy
18 June Cybersecurity in the era of decoupling in the digital supply chain
29 June How COVID-19 redefined the critical sectors of economies
16 July Military use of 5G technology and Open RAN solutions
23 July Misinformation in Times of Covid-19
28 July Tackling cybersecurity challenges during the pandemic in the fields of healthcare and financial sectors
30 July Hacking humans – threats to digital identity
17 August Human-Level Artificial Intelligence: Probability, Risks, Opportunities

1 The Kosciuszko Institute reserves the right to modify the schedule.
2 Comprehensive descriptions of selected meetings can be sent upon request.


Michał Rekowski – Strategic Partnerships Manager

e-mail: michal.rekowski[at]

mobile: +48 609 475 349

Tomasz Piekarz – Partnerships Manager

e-mail: tomasz.piekarz[at]

mobile: +48 791 024 497

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